Every city is packed full of fascinating cultural sites that all the family will love - you just need to know where to look. CreativeCity has curated all the best architectural, artistic and historical wonders that our cities have to offer - with games, tools and trivia to make it a great day out for everyone.


A crack team of teachers, parents, artists and arts professionals have curated a selection of free sites in your city that the whole family will enjoy. Use the app to plan your journey and our beautiful interactive map will bring the sites to life.


CreativeCity is created by a team of passionate artists, writers, broadcasters, illustrators and production teams from all corners of the globe - united by a love of art, travel and parenting.

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Founder, Lucie Charkin:

Lucie, is a curator, producer and cultural historian. She believes in art and society as a way of exploring identity, and brings this belief directly to the CreativeCity app. She spent many of formative years in Beijing establishing groundbreaking galleries during a time when China’s art scene was emerging, which confirmed for Lucie how identity is forged in the dialogue between art, society and self.
Her extensive work with international museums, public art organizations and making educational products has shaped her approach to facilitating informal learning experiences across the cultural stage of a whole city.

This app is a tool to empower young people to understand who they are, what motivates and sustains them, and how art can play a role in working out identity and positive citizenship.

Emily Myers, content writer:

Emily Myers is a writer and radio broadcaster. In London, Emily worked as a senior broadcast journalist for the BBC, specializing in making news accessible to a younger demographic. Emily worked as a reporter, newsreader, producer and editor for BBC Radio 1 as well as a researcher and ambassador for Radio 1’s news program, Newsbeat. She holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a diploma in journalism from the London College of Communication, a constituent college of the University of the Arts, London. Now living in San Francisco, Emily contributes regularly to Red Tricycle covering Bay Area events and is at work on various creative writing projects. She loves the challenge of working out life’s complexity with her three sons and is excited about her role producing innovative content for A Little Culture.


The team behind the app